Strategy and Restructuring

The difference between success and failure for many organizations is how they develop and implement strategy. All businesses have to re-strategize from time to time to remain competitive. Strategy tells the business how to transform its goals and objectives into tangible results. Developing strategic is a holistic exercise. It frequently leads to corporate restructuring as the organization tries to reposition itself in the market in line with changing consumer demand, new technologies, new competitors and a changing global economy.

Our Strategy development process involves:
– Examining/developing the Mission, Goals and Objectives of the Organization
– Environmental Analysis (PESTLE Analysis)
– Corporate Appraisal (SWOT Analysis)
– Developing strategy
– Advising on Choice of options (Feasibility, Acceptability and Suitability)
– Implementation methods

Our strategy development is normally presented in an annual business plan which can be delivered at Management retreat sessions.