Team Building For High Performance

Modern organizations perform tasks using teams. The synergy created by a team working together is more than individual members working separately. Focus on team goals encourages attainment of performance objectives, shared leadership, common work procedures and development of multi-disciplinary skills in team members. In this programme, participants learn how to organize themselves into teams. Practical lessons are learnt through participation, self-assessment, group exercises and games.

Learning contents:

  • Definitions and benefits of teams
  • Principles of effective team work
  • Developing team character and norms
  • Stages of team development
  • Team roles
  • Personality traits of team members
  • Characteristics of effective teams
  • Team behavior analysis
  • Why teams fail
  • Managing team conflicts
  • Team bonding and synergy
  • Problem solving and decision making in team
  • Setting targets and rewards

For whom:  Team leaders, project leaders and heads of department


Fee:             One hundred thousand naira only

Duration:    One day