Senior Management Programme – Master Class

The Senior Management Progamme Master Class is an executive training training programme for Directors and senior management staff of Public and Private organizations. The objective is to fully equip senior management staff with all the skills they need to manage their organizations effectively. This course examines key knowledge requirements in Financial accounting, Financial management, Performance management, Marketing, Business and Financial analysis.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the basic accounting process that lead to the preparation of financial statements.
  • Understand the main components of a typical set of financial statements.
  • Appreciate the underlying accounting concepts used in the preparation of financial statements.
  • Understand the principles of IFRS as a financial reporting framework.
  • Understand the importance of financial management decisions including Investing, Financing and Dividend decisions in achieving shareholder wealth maximization.
  • Appreciate the investment appraisal process and typical methods of appraising new investment projects.
  • Identify and evaluate alternative sources of business finance.
  • Discuss and assess principles/methods of business and assets valuations.
  • Explain financial risk management techniques in business.
  • Identify and discuss Performance Management information and measurement systems and assess the performance of any organization both from a financial and non financial viewpoint.
  • Understand the role of cost accounting technique in decision making
  • Appreciate the relevance of budgetary systems as an organizational planning and control mechanism.
  • Discuss business models that can be used to assess the strategic position and strategic choice of an organization including its impact on its financial performance.
  • Evaluate financial models typically used to perform financial analysis including ratio analysis.
  • Review a firms marketing strategy.
  • Review short case studies related to the topics covered.


For whom:  Board members, Company Secretaries, Chief financial officers, Chief marketing officers, Financial Accountants, Legal advisers,  Financial analysts, Heads of departments etc


Fee:             Two hundred and fifty thousand naira per participant

Duration:    Three days