Organizing Effective Meetings

It is important for every company to hold meetings. Meetings are avenues where company vision, mission, goals and objectives are shared and internalized. Instructions and decisions are passed at meetings. Meetings can vary from simple face to face departmental meetings to much larger meetings like annual general meetings or teleconferencing meetings of the board of directors. This course teaches participants key strategies required to organize successful meetings.

Learning contents

  • Definition of meetings.
  • Types and purposes of meetings.
  • Authority to convene a meeting.
  • The agenda of the meeting.
  • Expected participants and means of communication.
  • Third party involvement at meetings.
  • Recording minutes of the meeting.
  • Recording expected deliverables, responsibilities and key dates.
  • Confidentiality and authorization of minutes.
  • Organizing the AGM & EGM.
  • Circulation of minutes.


For whom:     Company secretaries, Legal Advisers, Lawyers, Accountants, Human resources officers, Heads of departments etc

Fee:                 Seventy thousand naira per participant

Duration:       One day