Effective Project Management

This course will provide participants with the ability to develop project objectives, define the scope of the project and develop the project requirements to achieve expected results even when handling cross functional projects. During the course, essentials of structural planning, including the process of logical framework will be reviewed.

Learning contents:

  • How to plan a project
  • Assessing the project, key stakeholders and expected outcomes
  • Resource planning
  • Estimate project costs and schedules using simple techniques
  • Planning and scheduling the project
  • Building a structure of business objectives that lead to the desired end results
  • Design project team structures that match accountability with the required outcomes.
  • Tracking project activities, problems and solutions to monitor status of the project
  • Develop a detailed workflow system including training and process requirements for the project.
  • Review the project to see if it meets objectives
  • Practical case studies


For whom:  Project leaders and project members

Fee:            One hundred thousand naira only

Duration:   One day