Directors Induction Programme

Directors run companies and organizations on behalf of the shareholders. Directors are agents to these shareholders and they make decisions on behalf of the company. This course is designed to acquaint executive and non-executive directors with the knowledge they require to perform their roles effectively.

Learning contents

  • The roles and responsibilities of the board of directors.
  • Types of board structures, characteristics and composition.
  • Types of directors.
  • The roles and responsibilities of Executive and Non-executive directors.
  • The legal and regulatory frameworks within which directors operate on corporate boards.
  • Appointment, retirement and removal of directors.
  • Directors service contracts and stock option schemes.
  • The roles of the Chief executive officer (CEO) and company Chairman.
  • The importance of induction and continuing professional development (CPD) of directors.
  • Voting and decision making at board meetings.
  • Assessing the performance of boards and individual directors.
  • Types of board committees and their roles and accountabilities in corporate governance.
  • Company mission, vision and core values.
  • Assessing the performance of companies using ratio analysis.
  • Limitations of ratios.

 For whom:  Chairman, Executive directors, Non Executive directors and Company secretaries

Fee:             Two hundred thousand naira per participant

Duration:    Two days