Business Valuation Techniques

Investors and other stakeholders need to be able to value shares in both private and public companies for several reasons. These include Valuing companies entering the stock market for the first time, Making buy and hold decisions, Establishing terms of takeovers and mergers, for Fiscal purposes, Establishing values of shares held by retiring directors which the articles specify must be sold, for divorce settlements etc

Learning contents:

  • Review of the income statement and statement of financial position
  • Information requirements for valuation exercises
  • Approaches to valuation
  • Assets based valuation including Book values, Net realizable value, Replacement cost.
  • Income/Earnings based valuation: Price Earnings ratio and Earnings yield.
  • Cash flow based methods including Dividend valuation model and Discounted cash flow basis.
  • Limitations of each method of valuation
  • Valuation of debt and preference shares

For whom:  Directors, Chief financial officers, Accountants etc

Fee:                One hundred thousand naira only

Duration:     One day