Banking Induction Programme

Banking is specialized business. Because it deals with individual and company funds, it is highly regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The banking sector plays a crucial role in the development of any economy. Indeed the health of the economy can be measured by the health of the banks. The banking induction programme is meant to provide participants with practical knowledge of Banking, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Cash & Teller operations, Funds transfer, Customer services, Domestic operations, Foreign operations etc. this programme is very important for employees who have joined the banking sector for the first time and those with little knowledge of the banking system.

Learning contents:

  • The nature of banking
  • How banks create money
  • The history of Accounting
  • The Accounting equation
  • Income statement and balance sheet of banks
  • The history of Economics
  • The theory of demand and supply
  • National income accounting
  • Business mathematics
  • The nature of marketing
  • 5 Ps of marketing
  • Main departments in a bank
  • Cash and teller operations
  • Funds transfer operations
  • Customer services
  • Treasury & Foreign operations

For whom:  This is an intensive programme for new bank employees


Fee:              Four hundred thousand naira only

Duration:     Five days